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Babylon Endodontics

678 Deer Park Avenue Suite 1
Babylon NY 11702
1 block south of Sunrise Highway on the west side
John Shamul DDS MA

Our Mission

Thank you for your interest in Babylon Endodontics, the specialty office of Dr. John Shamul. Our mission is to provide leading edge endodontic treatment and microsurgical procedures from simple to major complex cases through exceptional dedication to the profession utilizing sophisticated technology and having unprecedented compassion for all our patients. We answer our most common question "do I need a root canal" in a picture filled explanation that is readily understandable by even our youngest patients. We treat you as if you are a family member and ask ourselves what would I want done if I was the patient.

Practice Profile

Babylon Endodontics implemented new technologies as they became available. Some of these include having a 100% paperless office, surgical operating microscopes, digital radiographs, and a 3-Dimensional cone beam computed tomography machine. This technology  allows us to discover hidden anatomical complexities that were never previously before revealed. We hope that our continual handling of complicated endodontic emergencies will give you the reassurance that we can provide an extra level of capability and sensitivity in handling your particular endodontic issue. This additional  information can make the difference between a favorable outcome and not. This commitment is of the utmost importance because it benefits our patients who are assured they are receiving the best combination of expertise, knowledge, and in office technologies. This allows us to;

1. accurately diagnose each patients' condition

2. to minimize the anxiousness anad fear you may experience

3. assess the best treatment options for you and eliminate treatment options that may have a poor long term outome

4. will lead to the highest rate of long term recovery

5. give you peace of mind

In 2006 we embraced digital technologies in all formats. Now with the addition of our website patients can enter all their pertinent information on their home computer and arrive at the office and sign a final signature before treatment. Even our referring doctors can log in to retrieve necessary information on how their patients' treatment is progressing, all the while our office may be closed.

Languages spoken in office include English, Spanish, and Polish

678 Deer Park Ave.
Suite 1
Babylon, NY 11702

(631) 587-8493
(631) 587-6667