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Babylon Endodontics

678 Deer Park Avenue Suite 1
Babylon NY 11702
1 block south of Sunrise Highway on the west side
John Shamul DDS MA


Dr. Shamuls' passion for serving others has compelled him to be an active participant in Suffolk County Dental Society's " Save - A - Smile " program designed to serve the underserved and uninsured. I have been providing endodontic procedures to the Save A Smile program since 2008.

In search of areas of the country in need I came across another dental charity program operating since 2000. This event is called the "Mission of Mercy" affectionately known as "MOM", this event had its humble beginings in an airline hangar in South West Virginia. This was the first MOM event in the country located in Wise Virginia. This original event has served as the model for MOM's currently held all over the country and is held in numerous states. It is now held in semi enclosed structures located at the Wise Virginia Fairgrounds. I have been providing dental care in this event since 2013.

We have made the 675 mile one way  journey for the past 4 years, myself, my wife and children are just so blessed to be able to participate and give back to our country. I also participated in the New York State MOM back in 2014 in Troy NY.


Unfortunately this event has ceased to continue in NY. This past March 2016 we participated in the MOM event located in the Northern Virgina Community College in Springfield Virginia with my 2 sons assisting me. Our most recent Mission of Mercy was the July 2016 Wise Virginia event attened to with my wife, daughter and our son. The local newspaper from Kingsport Tennessee Times News wrote an article describing the event with myself and family on the front cover of the newspaper.

678 Deer Park Ave.
Suite 1
Babylon, NY 11702

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