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Babylon Endodontics

678 Deer Park Avenue Suite 1
Babylon NY 11702
1 block south of Sunrise Highway on the west side
John Shamul DDS MA


Thank you for your interest in Babylon Endodontics the speciality dental office of Drs. John Shamul and Jordana Fleischer dedicated to providing the highest level of endodontic care in a compassionate and caring environment. Our practice is based on utilizing advanced technology to maximize patient outcomes. This includes using  3-D imaging technology, microscope enhanced visualization and advanced paperless practice management software. For your convenience this equipment is now available right in our own office. This saves you a trip to another office to obtain 3-D imaging. 3-D imaging technology can make diagnosing and treating complex dental conditions easier and more accurate resulting in more favorable patient outcomes.

Our Carl Zeiss precision made microscopes provide extremely high levels of  illumination and magnification, these two variables are necessary to treat complex dental conditions and calcified canals within the roots of teeth. These canals are commonly not visible with the naked eye. If these canals are not treated properly during the treatment they may lead to impaired healing and result in a diminished life span of the tooth. Possibly leading to the eventual extraction of the tooth.

First visit

On your first visit please bring the yellow referral card your dentist gave to you, it has important information relevant to your specific dental condition. Also please bring all radiographs and if applicable any lists of currently taken medications. Please refrain from taking any pain medications for at least 6 hours before your appointment time to aid us in diagnosing your dental condition accurately. 

678 Deer Park Ave.
Suite 1
Babylon, NY 11702

(631) 587-8493
(631) 587-6667