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Babylon Endodontics

678 Deer Park Avenue Suite 1
Babylon NY 11702
1 block south of Sunrise Highway on the west side
John Shamul DDS MA


The following information is our financial policy. This is the understanding we have with our patients as it relates to payment for our services. Benefit verification is NOT a guarantee of coverage/payment. You are financially responsible for all services provided to you. On your office visit you are responsible for any co-payments, deductible amount and the procedures we estimate your insurance does not cover such as 3-Dimensional imaging. The American Association of Endodontists(AAE) and the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology(AAOMR) both agree of the necessity of obtaining 3-D imaging in certain cases. The AAE is lobbying the dental insurance carriers as to the reason why 3-D imaging is necessary and how it can provide vital data necessary to save teeth that otherwise would be extracted and replaced with a more costly replacement such as an implant or NOT to treat teeth that have a hopeless prognosis. The insurance carriers do agree that this is a valuable diagnostic modality but have NOT agreed to pay for it, we suggest that you call your insurance carrier and request that they move forward and agree  that it is vital and necessary for your endodontist to properly treat you.

1. Missed appointments & cancellations We realize thast your time is valuable.We make every effort to remain on schedule for your appointment. Please remember we are an emergency based practice. We do NOT turn people away who are  in pain. We have made allowances in the schedule to accomodate these emergency patients however occasionally we are inundated with emergency patients. Consequently sometimes we run behind schedule, if we notice this may affect your scheduled appointment we WILL try to contact you to make you aware of the schedule change.



678 Deer Park Ave.
Suite 1
Babylon, NY 11702

(631) 587-8493
(631) 587-6667